Pay in Sport

04/04/2016 Main

Alright folks! Chris here again. Busy week! Work has been hectic and the wife seems to be on one at the moment. Every time I get home from work and want to relax she has a new job for me to do! So far this week I have painted the front door, sanded down some furniture, emptied the spare room and its only Wednesday!!!! Anyway, a topic that came up in conversation that I thought was worth discussing on here was the difference in pay amongst men and women in Pro Sport. It is a debate that was recently highlighted in the news as tennis championships have started to adopt equal pay. Read more

Classic Cars and transporting them.

25/03/2016 Main

Hi guys its Chris here! How are you all? Thanks for coming back to my blog and I hope you have found it interesting so far. It’s been great reading comments on my blog posts from likeminded people but it is also good to get a different perspective on things too. Anyway, I look forward to keeping the blog updated and appreciate your continuing support! Read more

Women watching sports

14/03/2016 Main

Hey guys (and girls)…I say this because I recently had a debate with my wife (I lost as usual – hence the blog post) but it got me to thinking about women and their viewing of sport, a little off topic I know but something that I thought would be interesting to discuss on here. Read more

And if we authorize doping ?

02/02/2016 Main

Doping is an important subject in the sport's world and I would to give you my nieuw opinion about this. Read more

My favourite car brand : Porsche

02/02/2016 Main

Ever Shot a Crossbow?

17/01/2016 Main

Everybody has their own hobbies and interests and they can vary quite substantially depending on who you are. Ive been talking quite a bit about motors but I do have other interests too. Read more

Formula 1 2015

11/01/2016 Main

Alright there guys, its Chris here, hope the last article interested you enough. Absolutely loved the GP this year. So that was back in November anyway, well in the same month, it was the Formula 1 finale and another win for Hamilton. This was a little bit more straightforward in the end and Hamilton had been favourite to clinch the title for most of the season after the threat from the other drivers, including teammate Rosberg, tapered-off. He’s already bagged it with races to spare so it was more about 2nd place onwards.  Read more

Moto GP 2015

05/01/2016 Main

Ah man, what a finale to the 2015 Moto GP, jeez! I’m a big Lorenzo fan so I was well chuffed with the result but it definitely wasn’t a straightforward run-up to the title. Was super close this year down to the wire so it made things pretty exciting for the spectator. I was on my hols in November so watched the race in a sports bar where people of all nationalities had come together to catch the race. There were kind of two divisions beginning to appear between the Lorenzo & Rossi fans, it was all in good spirits though. Read more

Sports Blog Intro

01/01/2016 Main

How’s it going all you sports fans out there? My name’s Chris and this is my sports blog. I’m pretty much fanatical about most sports but motor sports are definitely my favourite. Love the F1 and Moto GP. If your also keen then maybe you’d like to follow my blog. Drop in a remark or two and join in the chit chat. See you shortly, Read more